What it Means to Humanize a Brand (& Do it Ethically)

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Business owners sometimes forget their customers’ have lives beyond interacting with their business or service. After all, it’s easy to focus your energy on getting the client to do what you want—clicking the link, buying the course, signing up for the service. That doesn’t make you cold-hearted; it makes you a go-getter. But it can also make your branding feel inauthentic. When you humanize your brand, you build deeper connections with your clients, a stronger sense of trust, and become an integral part of their lives.

If you struggle to explain your service authentically or feel you’re failing to communicate your trustworthiness, this article will give you the tools you need to humanize your brand. So, unplug Alexa and put Siri to sleep because we’re about to explore the human condition.

Humanized Brands Focus On:

Names Over Numbers

The first thing you’ll need to do is stop looking at your clients as a number. Metrics like subscriptions, conversions, and impressions are essential to your business, but remember, your customers are more than that. Behind every email, review, or purchase is a person. Think of the range of emotions in your life. They feel those too. When you humanize your brand, you build deeper connections with your clients, a stronger sense of trust, and become an integral part of their lives.

Sonder is a neologism worth keeping in mind when crafting your brand’s messaging. Created by John Koenig, this nifty word is defined as the action of realizing each person in the world is living a life as intricate and essential as your own. Sonder is a type of wonder, your marvel at the fact that you are merely a waypoint on someone else’s map. Keep your “sense of sonder,” and humanizing your brand will become second nature.

Customer First Marketing

Most content is designed to tell customers about your service. While showing your skills is a valuable part of branding, it doesn’t build relationships. Take a scroll through your social media profile and website. How does your content look? If every other sentence references yourself, or your business, clients will feel like they are only being sold to, not being seen.

Combat this by engaging with your prospects and asking genuine questions. In a world full of brands asking menial questions for engagement or leading questions so they can offer a sales pitch, stand out by being authentic. Find out what they need and what they want. Small talk is easy, but real talk builds relationships.

Being Vulnerable Where It Counts

However, there is a time and place to talk about yourself and your service. The best marketing is relationship building. Your “About Me” page is the perfect place for clients to learn about the face behind the business. You’ll also want to have a highlight on your Instagram that shares your story.

This is your space to be vulnerable with your clients. Don’t cave to the temptation to build a larger-than-life persona. You can kick a rock down the street and bounce it off five health gurus who posture as if they’re flawless. Don’t be the sixth. Let them see your ups and downs and share the struggles you’ve overcome. This vulnerability helps them relate to you and increases your brand’s trustworthiness.

Ditching Their Pitch

The only thing that should start with a pitch is a baseball game. Pitches are focused on you. What you provide, your service’s cost, and why you’re the best. Start your customer interactions by learning about your clients and building a trusting relationship with them. Once they trust you and feel as if you understand their unique issues, they’ll be ready to work with you.

Writing for Humans, Not Search Engines

Have you ever landed on an article that looked promising, only to be disappointed when it ended up being nothing but keyword salad? Of course, and so has your client. Nothing screams “I’m just here for the money,” like content full of keywords and void of substance. Read your copy aloud to a friend. If it sounds silly or confusing to them, potential clients will likely feel the same way.

Walk the Walk

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client. Is she a busy single mother struggling to take care of her two children and navigate an autoimmune condition? Is she so consumed by caring for others that she forgets to manage her health?

Think about how she feels. Overwhelmed? Stressed? Scared? Create content that speaks to all her needs, not only the challenges of her autoimmune disorder. Remember to maintain your “sense of sonder.” She is the main character of her story, and there’s more to her than her health struggles. Once she’s realized that you view her as a person and are committed to helping her solve all her issues, working with you will be an easy decision.

Build a Brand with Heart

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