What expenses are associated with a WordPress website?

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You’ve decided a WordPress website is a perfect platform for your biz, but how does it compare in cost to those like Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly? What expenses can you expect? There is a ton of room for customization and price shopping here to get the best bang for your buck. You may be surprised, but a WordPress website can cost lost than a premium plan through an all-inclusive website builder like Squarespace. We’re here to break down all the expenses that are associated with a WordPress website.

Buying Your Domain Name ($5-$20/year)

No matter what website platform you choose, you have to buy a domain name. The only way to get around this expense is to use a premade domain name. A premade domain name may look something like “yourusername.weebly.com“. It’s not truly yours and it doesn’t appear branded or professional. The average cost for a domain name is $5-$20/year. The more competitive your domain name the higher it will cost. There are premium domain names out there that cost thousands. You can definitely shop around from domain providers for the best deal – the good thing here is you’re just buying the name. Domain provider A can’t perform any better or worse than domain provider B. Our personal recommendation is namecheap.com. It’s an easy process to search available domain names and it’s affordable.

Buying Your Hosting Package ($5-$30/mo)

Your hosting provider is responsible for selling you server space and resources to store and run your website files. They can impact your website’s speed, uptime, and security – so choosing a reputable hosting provider is very important. Hosting providers can also bundle important items like SSL certificates, e-mail hosting, backups, and more in their plans.

Our personal recommendation is siteground.com. They have EXCELLENT customer service. There is little to no wait time to chat with a representative, they speak in layman’s terms, and will help point you in the right direction even if the website issue isn’t related to their servers. When you’re experiencing website problems, having a support system like this in your back pocket during a stressful time is so important. Their packages include some key extras that could cost you more if you chose to buy them separately (CDN, backup services, SSL certificates). They also have a 100% renewable energy match commitment!

You can definitely shop around with other hosting providers to find what works for you, just take your time to do the research.

Optional WordPress Website Expenses

That’s it! The rest on our list are completely optional! WordPress is open-source software that doesn’t cost you a penny to install. How cool is that? If you stop here, you’re looking at a website expense of ~ $65-$380/year.

Here are a few examples of where you can spend a little more on premium software and professional services.

  • Premium Plugins
    • E-Commerce
    • Membership
    • Community
    • Subscriptions
  • Premium Themes
    • Drag-n-Drop Capabilities
    • Ready-Made Templates
  • Website Designer
  • Website Developer
  • Ongoing Maintenance

The even cooler thing is a lot of these premium features can be a one-time fee! Your website can be a huge revenue-generating tool for your business, meaning once you’ve covered the big expenses the ROI will continue to increase over time.

So you want to go with WordPress but have no idea how to set it up nor have the time and/or budget to hire someone to design it for you? Check out our DIY Wellness WordPress Website Templates. Put an end to the mystery behind launching a beautiful website that tells your story – they include everything you need to build or redesign your website, with video training for every step of the process.

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