Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, send us a message via email at

What platform do you build on?

All websites are built with WordPress as the content management system and either Divi or Elementor installed as a front-end visual builder. This allows the site to have the best setup for scalability and ease of visual updates as needed moving forward.

What do I need to supply to you before project start?

Upon purchasing your package, we will send you a copy of a brand pre-work form. This will gather all we need to know about your brand, business, and ideal client. Be sure to have important branding files: logos, photos, and brand guidelines; as well as any copy you’d like included on your pages. Still working on photos and copy? We’ll send you our Photoshoot Success Guide and copy outline for each content page.

Do you offer monthly site maintenance packages?

Yes! Send us a message if you’d like to discuss options. Monthly site maintenance packages are only offered to clients whose websites were built by Digiality Co. We will check in with you towards the end of our project if this is something you’re interested in.

Why do you only work with one client at a time?

People often assume that this means other designers would spend more time on your project than our studio would. This is not the case. The traditional project approach often has a designer spending 1-2 hours on your project at a time, once or twice a week. This is because they’re balancing multiple projects at a time and need the flexibility for sustainable income.

When we work on your project, it’s a dedicated, uninterrupted set of time/days where we’re only focused on you and your business. This allows for rapid, efficient progress and no time-consuming back-and-forth emails. And if you’re worried about needing time to review the work, you get a post-intensive support period where you can claim post-intensive edits if needed!

It's more than I thought, I'm not sure if I can afford it right now.

We understand making a big-ticket investment can sometimes feel a bit daunting. We pride ourselves on offering extreme value and transformation within each of our packages. To help spread out the costs, we offer payment plans: 50% down to secure your project spot, and 50% due at the end of the project timeline.