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The Online Presence Checkup Workshop

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Building an online presence for your business is hard work. 

Especially if you’re spinning your wheels trying to DIY website tech and brand messaging all at once.

In order to stand out in a noisy world, we need to do the hard work of showing off our brand in the best light possible – and in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

On this quick session, we’ll:

1. Take a look at your current business to see what is and isn’t working

2. Identify what’s possible for you and your business in the next 90 days and  beyond

3. Uncover the one thing that is holding you back from progress right now

4. Develop a 3-Step Action Plan to result in more business

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“Taysia did a fantastic job anticipating any challenges I might have with my website and brand, and went ahead and gave me a solution for that problem. It was so helpful to see the solutions already laid out, so I could address it head-on… it really made me think about how my brand and website should be made for my ideal clients. Having them in mind, what action I want to take, and how I want them to remember my brand has helped me with copy, content and customer journeys.”

Genevieve C. – Neon Soul Marketing