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Eliminate Your Tech Headaches And Take All Website Content Updates Off Your Plate

(without having to worry about constant software updates, security vulnerabilities, or accidentally crashing your site)

Want our team to handle all the maintenance tasks and to-dos for your WordPress site, ensuring it’s always up-to-date, supporting your latest offerings, and performing at its best to convert visitors?


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Yes, I’d Like to Eliminate Tech Headaches

Is Your WordPress Website an Endless Time Suck?

Many WordPress site owners struggle with outdated plugins, security issues, slow performance, and the time-consuming task of updating content. These problems can lead to downtime, broken features, and a lackluster experience for your users, impacting your bottom line.

It’s frustrating when you intend to spend your day on your high-level to-dos and you get sidetracked by a technical issue or a page you forgot to create to support your latest funnel. 

Make Your Website Finally Reliable

Our monthly maintenance retainer packages provide comprehensive care for your WordPress site, including regular updates, security monitoring, performance optimization, and ongoing content updates.

✔️ Regular Updates. We keep your WordPress core, themes, and plugins updated to the latest versions and/or remove any faulty patches.

✔️ Security Monitoring. Continuous monitoring and proactive measures to protect your site from threats, like brute force attacks.

✔️ Performance Optimization. Enhancing your site’s speed and performance for better user experience. 

✔️ Backups. Daily off-site backups to ensure your website is always safe. 

✔️ Content Updates. Depending on the amount of content updates required, we handle your requests for new sales pages, edits to existing pages, addition of products, and/or publishing blog posts.

✔️ Priority Support. You’ll receive a dedicated ticketing system that gets your request in front of our team eyeballs the same day with high priority.

What You’ll Receive With Our Maintenance Packages

Get peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated website team in your back pocket to help fix any bug, apply any content update, and communicate with you in humanized lingo when it comes to technical issues.

✘  No more worrying about site security.

✘  No more dealing with tedious WordPress core updates.

✘  No more time-consuming content updates.

✘  No more wasted time and energy searching the bottom of YouTube to fix a random bug.

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Yes, I’d Like to Eliminate Tech Headaches

Our Process


Initial Application

Share with us your site’s needs, history, hosting platform, and tech programs you’ve connected.


Site Assessment

We’ll review your front-end site and determine if your website is the right fit for our services.



After being approved and selecting your desired package, our team will onboard your website into our systems, do an initial cleanup, and provide you with your 1:1 ticketing system.


Ongoing Support

We’ll update your WordPress core bi-weekly, take daily backups, monitor security and performance, optimize your database, and be on standby for any content updates you may request.

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Digiality is, without a doubt, the most exceptional group of professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Their speed and efficiency are truly unmatched – they tackle issues with lightning-fast precision, ensuring our operations run smoothly at all times.

Communication is another area where this team excels. They keep us informed every step of the way, breaking down complex technical jargon into clear, understandable updates.

What sets this team apart, however, is their incredible problem-solving prowess. They’ve seamlessly resolved numerous issues created by previous tech teams, all without causing new problems. Their deep technical expertise and innovative approach have saved us countless hours of downtime and frustration.

I would recommend (and regularly DO recommend) Taysia and her team to anyone needing a professional and polished website. They take your needs and audience into consideration to craft custom, tailored to YOU deisgns with a positive attitude and a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable while creating a new website.

My overall experience was very comfortable, well organized, and kept to the timeline we set. Taysia was quick to help spark creativity and help out where I didn’t understand. I would highly recommend using Taysia for your website needs!

Choose the Right Package for Your Business

 Maintain Monthly


Perfect for business owners ready to ensure their website health and uptime is taken care of, and they have a website partner to reach out to address any technical issue that may arise.

Maintain & Update Monthly (2 Hours)


Perfect for small businesses who need small tweaks and content updates to support their marketing.

Maintain & Update Monthly (5 Hours)


Perfect for growing businesses who need new pages to support their launches and offerings.

Maintain & Update Monthly (10 Hours)


Perfect for businesses who own a membership or course portal site that need additional content updates within their learning pages.

All packages include the following, the difference is in the additional amount of hours (2, 5, or 10) you may need for us to complete content updates (adding new pages, updating images, changing text, etc.)

  • Recurring updates to all site plugins, theme, and WordPress version on a bi-weekly basis each month protecting site security and function
  • Daily backups of the website
  • Website security protecting against brute force attacks, monitoring suspicious activity, and eliminating weak spots
  • Comment moderation
  • Google Search Console notification management
  • Misc. technical troubleshooting as needed, site emergencies will be addressed as soon as possible within working business hours

Ready for Your Website to Work For You?

Don’t let maintenance issues and content updates disrupt your business. Apply for our review and package recommendation today!

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Yes, I’d Like to Eliminate Tech Headaches

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my site encounters an issue?

Resolving is our top priority. Simply submit a ticket to reach out to our team, and we’ll begin working on fixing the issue and giving you the details about why it may have occurred.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my package?

Yes! Our clients upgrade/downgrade to help support their workload during the seasons of their business. We ask for a 30-day notice for any package change.

Can you handle specific content updates like new sales pages?

Yes. Our tiers with content hour updates can use those hours towards building new sales pages.

Fill out our application, our team will review to determine if we’re a great fit and reach out with next steps!