How a New Website Turns into the Best Business Therapy Session You’ve Ever Had

by | May 25, 2022 | Web Design | 0 comments

Turning off your brain can feel impossible when you’re a business owner. Your creativity gives you dozens of great ideas, but prioritizing and implementing them can be challenging. Many business owners admitted feeling overwhelmed and distracted by never-ending ideas and worries when they first contacted us. Deciding which new plans deserved their energy when they were already low on time frustrated them. They needed an outside perspective and a chance to organize their thoughts. They needed a business therapy session!

If you’re looking for clarity in your business goals and need help determining your focus, it’s time for a Brand + Website Remedy session. Or, you know, business therapy. Relaunching or rebranding will renew your passion for your business and help you move forward with clarity and a sense of purpose.

But, if you aren’t sure how a rebranding session can serve as a therapy session or are concerned that a relaunch sounds like extra work you don’t have time for, keep reading.

What Makes a Brand + Website Remedy Session Like Business Therapy?

You Get to Open Up

You don’t have to lie on a couch unless you want to, but you should come prepared to share. This session is an opportunity to get your thoughts, ideas, goals, and concerns out of your head. You’ll likely surprise yourself with the number of creative ideas you have. In addition, this mental purge allows us to help you determine which ideas are worth keeping.

You’ll Hear Helpful Questions

An outside perspective can provide valuable insight. By answering our brand-identifying and thought-provoking questions, you’ll be able to experience your business through the eyes of an unbiased observer. This new view can help you identify problem areas and determine your priorities.

You’ll Receive a Plan of Attack

As we listen to your ideas, goals, and struggles, we will put together a plan of attack for you. Whether you’re considering a website relaunch or a total rebranding, we can provide you with the blueprint to do it. This comprehensive plan will take your best ideas and show you how to execute them. You’ll also be provided with steps to success for your daily, monthly, and quarterly goals.

You’ll Leave with a Sense of Peace

Leaving your ideas and plans with someone who will craft them into a vision for your business will allow your mind to relax. Well, as much as any business owner’s mind relaxes. Still, the peace of mind you’ll experience from having someone weave your ideas into an easily communicated message will make you wish you’d scheduled your session sooner.

Elise’s Story

When Elise first sat down with us for a Brand + Website Remedy session, she worried she’d never crawl out from under the pile of day-to-day tasks she needed to complete. Meanwhile, tons of new things she wanted to try to improve her brand kept buzzing around her brain. As a result, she felt overwhelmed with her current tasks and disappointed that she didn’t have time to try anything new.

After a business heart-to-heart with Elise, it was clear what she needed. Her business model had evolved while her branding hadn’t. This inconsistency meant her brand didn’t accurately portray the passion she felt for changing her clients’ lives. Her website was similarly outdated, and she didn’t know how to improve it.

The perfect service package for Elise consisted of coaching, website renovation, and a brand update. Now six months later, her business is thriving, and she’s learned how to balance daily tasks with big-picture plans for her company. She said, “I feel like I’m running my business; it’s not running me anymore.” Another win for business therapy!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Listening to each client’s story and understanding what drives them makes it possible to provide them with the help they need to hit their goals. We believe in creating the service package to match the client’s needs, not forcing the client’s needs into a pre-existing service package. Every business is unique and needs individualized care to flourish.

Are you ready to experience the magic of business therapy? Just spend 90 minutes sharing your business story with us, and you can get a customized business, branding, and website blueprint for success. Don’t miss out on the business therapy that can revolutionize your company. Contact Digiality Co. today!