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POV: Designer’s email inbox

New Message!


To: My Dear Designer

Subject: Help!

Hey, loved the logo package. Can’t wait to use it to promote my new launch but realized I need a website now. Can you help me???

xoxo Client

This situation usually goes one of two ways.

Option One: “Yes, I’d be happy to!”

You’re eager to learn, give it a go; so you take on the project even though it’s unfamiliar territory. How hard can it be? You quickly run into roadblock after roadblock — Why is my sizing off? I designed this mockup in Canva, but I can’t get the site to look how I originally intended it to look. How do I improve load times? There’s rules for accessibility? How do actually launch? You spend so much time on Google, YouTube, ChatGPT, that the project has turned into a burden — stressful & totally unprofitable.

Turns into: “I wish I just stuck with traditional design.” 😖

Option Two: “Sorry, I’m not familiar with web design!”

It sucks to let a dreamy client go when they ask for something you don’t quite feel confident enough yet to sell. Leading to $1,000s lost in your project revenue.

Leads to: “I wish I was able to confidently offer this service to my clients.” 😩

Instead…. imagine being empowered to take on the project

My Reply


To: My Client

Subject: Re: Help!

Dear client,

Absolutely! We could launch your site as early as xx/xx/xx. Let’s get on a quick chat to nail the functionality needs your site, you can snag a time here. Can’t wait to empower your brand even further!

BA, Full-Service Designer

Imagine having a foolproof roadmapto learn the foundations of web design?

Join other Designers and use our tested signature process to learning web design foundations + confidently build sites for your clients.

When you do that, here’s what you can expect:

✅ Generate responsive & accessible web designs

✅ Know when, where, and how you can use custom font files

✅ Find your best-fit wireframing software in a way that allows for efficient design

✅ Have a crystal-clear project workflow for any new website project

✅ Supercharge your designs without memorizing programming languages

✅ Understand the strengths and weakness of each content management system

I’ll be honest, getting to this point wasn’t easy.

When I left my corporate graphic design career behind to become a full-time freelance designer, I knew I wanted to master web design.

Through networking, I landed my first few clients, but clients often asked for features and functions in their site that I had no clue if it was even possible.

Years in branding, graphic design, and a Bachelor’s degree wasn’t enough to equip me with all the answers here.

I quickly discovered how different of a medium web design is from traditional graphic design projects. It goes so much further than creating a pinterest-worthy site.

I experienced broken features, confusing site migrations, downed sites, and mobile nightmares.

peep my first website (eek!)

Once I got serious about nailing down the differences between what I knew with graphic design and what I wanted to create with web design, it all begun to click – and quickly!

And this time, I finally started to see the results I’d been working for so long:

✅ My sites match the design caliber created in the wireframing or artboard stage
✅ Responsive and sizing issues are a thing of the past
✅ Bye bye speed and security issues!

The best thing? My clients are ecstatic with the results, coming back with more projects and even more referrals.


The sought-after, full-service designer path

The exact steps to take your graphic design skills and become the go-to web designer.

Welcome to the

You’ll get instant access to:

☑️ 27 bite-sized modules that provide you with the step-by-step web design principles roadmap

☑️ All the worksheets, templates, cheat sheets you need to help retain AND implement your new skills with ease

☑️ An always-growing resource library with trainings, templates, and workbooks (New addition each month!)

☑️ Access to the community Facebook group for 24/7 accountability, connection and support

☑️ Feedback on your code + designs via Loom critique in the Facebook group *PRO TIER ONLY*

☑️ 1 live coaching Q&A every month

You can cancel anytime

You get everything you need to quickly adapt your graphic design skillset to

master core web design principles and become a tech-savvy web designer, FAST.

See what your journey from designer to developer will look like when you follow along with our modules, resources, and support.



Foundational Skills

  • 1.1 Principles of Responsive, Dynamic & Accessible Design
  • 1.2 User-Centered Design UX/UI
  • 1.3 Navigation & Information Architecture
  • 1.4 Low v. High-Fidelity Wireframes + Project Workflows
  • 1.5 Wireframe Software Comparison
  • 1.6 What are Content Management Systems?
  • 1.7 Getting Started with WordPress
  • 1.8 Getting Started with Divi (& other themes)
  • Checkpoint: Turn Your Idea into a Wireframe



Your Designs

  • 2.1 Designing Like an Expert
  • 2.2 Web Typography 101
  • 2.3 Web File Types + File Sizes
  • 2.4 CSS Snippets Resource Center
  • 2.5 Divi + WooCommerce for E-Commerce
  • 2.6 Divi + Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 2.7 Site Speed Optimization
  • Checkpoint: Take Your Wireframe to Staging



Your Project Workflow

  • 3.1 Collect, Organize + Plan Every Web Project
  • 3.2 Creating a Staging Environment
  • 3.3 Divi Time Hacks: Copy & Paste, Portability, and More
  • 3.4 Divi Theme Builder, Styles + Presets
  • 3.5 Conducting Quality Assurance
  • 3.6 Handling a Website Launch (DNS Records 101)
  • 3.7 Offboarding & Concluding a Project
  • Checkpoint: Your First Easy-Breezy WordPress Launch

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the resources:

CSS Grid Framework Template XD File

Instantly apply various CSS grid frameworks to your XD files so that your designs transfer seamlessly to the development process.

UX/UI Section Design Go-To Layouts

Never feel stuck with another webpage design again. All the best UX/UI section design layouts for the most common website needs.

Typography Sizing Cheat Sheet

Em, rem, %, px, pcs, oh my! Have a handy reference sheet for all the sizing types within web design and choose the best for your needs.

Adobe XD vs. Figma Comparison Chart

Having difficulties pinning down a wireframe software? Use our comparison chart to understands the strengths and weakness with each!

Low-Fidelity Wireframe Starter Kit

Shave hours off of your wireframing time with ready-made, low-fidelity wireframe templates that you can use for all of your website designs.

Web-Friendly File Types Cheat Sheet

When do we use JPGs, PNGs, WEBP, SVG, and more? This cheat sheet breaks down the purpose of each web file type you may need within your builds.

CSS Master Resource Center

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is what makes the web beautiful, and as designers is our superpower. Unlock new abilities with our CSS Master Resource Center!

CMS Comparison Worksheet

Not sure what content management system to use? Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Showit, and others are in our CMS comparison worksheet to find your perfect fit.

Speed Optimization Checklist

If a beautiful website is slow, it becomes ugly very, very quickly. Avoid common speed traps for happy users and happy clients!

Bonus One

Creating a Headache-Free Maintenance Retainer Offer

Ready for some sustainable income? We introduce the magic of maintenance retainers, a bonus from our Webprenuers Blueprint program.

Bonus Two

Printable & Shareable Website Content Planner

Designing a website requires a LOT of content, so we’ve prepped an easy-to-use planner to keep you and your clients organized, a bonus from our Webprenuers Blueprint program.


Every month…

  • Daily feedback in the Facebook Support Group
  • New in-demand trainings added to your portal
  • New planner, template or tool added to your portal
  • Additional Q&A and 1:1 support for pro members

So, what’s the investment?

You choose the support tier that best works for you

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  • Private Learning Portal with over 27 learning modules
  • Downloadable worksheets, templates, cheat sheets added every month
  • Private Facebook group for 24/7 accountability, connection, and support
  • New Monthly In-Depth Training
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  • Access to the Monthly Training Vault with all saved trainings
  • Submit Your Code or Design for 1:1 Loom Critique
  • All Resources Database Search Table

Become a LITE Member



  • Private Learning Portal with over 27 learning modules
  • Downloadable worksheets, templates, cheat sheets added every month
  • Private Facebook group for 24/7 accountability, connection, and support
  • New Monthly In-Depth Training
  • Monthly Zoom Call for Hotseat Q&A
  • Access to the Monthly Training Vault with all saved trainings
  • Submit Your Code or Design for 1:1 Loom Critique
  • All Resources Database Search Table

You can cancel anytime

What if I can empower you & your skill set to take on your first web design client?

I love celebrating the growth of fellow creatives… but I also love that you can fund a whole year (and a whole lot more) by streamlining your web design journey and selling your first project.

Do you think that this can, at the very least, help you get started down the path you’ve been wishing on?


I am new web designer and I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely! The Designer to Developer Launchpad program is designed to cater to individuals at all skill levels. Whether you’re new to web design or have some experience, our step-by-step program and on-demand training will guide you through the fundamentals and help you build a strong foundation. You’ll gain the skills needed to confidently apply web design principles and techniques.

I've been designing websites for awhile. Will I still find value?

Certainly! The Designer to Developer Launchpad isn’t just for beginners. If you’ve been designing websites, this program will elevate your skills even further by focusing on front-end design best practices and the transition from graphic design to web design. You’ll gain insights, critiques, and advanced training that will refine your approach and ensure your designs align with the latest industry standards

Can I wait & join later?

You can, but our PRO Member access is only available for limited time. If you’re interested in joining, we recommend enrolling as soon as you see open availability.

How much support is included?

Hours of video training, design and development critiques from Taysia and our team of experts, 1:1 support and Q&As in our PRO Member options, and 24H support found within our Facebook community for any questions that may pop up in your journey.

Is this just WordPress?

This program is centered around WordPress and Divi. While our web design foundational skills can be transferred into any platform, our specific tech solutions and tips cater to WordPress and Divi. We do offer trainings on other themes occasionally.

Does this only work for those with a graphic design background?

Not at all! While the program acknowledges and leverages graphic design skills, it’s open to anyone interested in mastering core web design principles. Whether you come from a graphic design background or not, our program is structured to help you bridge the gap and excel in front-end web design. You’ll receive guidance that’s tailored to your current skill set.

I don't have the Adobe Creative Suite. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely! While the Adobe Creative Suite can be a helpful tool, it’s not a requirement for success in the Designer to Developer Launchpad program. The emphasis is on teaching you web design principles and techniques that can be applied using a variety of design tools. You’ll learn valuable skills that extend beyond software specifics.

I haven't had my own paying client yet. Is that a problem?

No, if anything, this will better empower you to be able to take on a paying client confidently and encourage repeat business.


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