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Turn your existing course content into an extra $2k-$5k/month

(WITHOUT… spending hours and hours creating more content, learning another tech platform, or live launching every month)

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Do you want to turn your existing course content into a digital storefront that grows your email list with paying customers, diversifies your income, and increases revenue by $2-$5k each month all while you sleep?


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Yes, I’d Like to Maximize my revenue

As a dedicated coach or creator you’ve poured your heart into developing transformative courses, only to find yourself trapped in a relentless, unprofitable cycle.

You build with passion, launch with hope, and yet, the sales barely trickle in. The cycle repeats: another course, another launch, and again, the disappointment of seeing your invaluable effort not match the revenue it deserves.

You’ve chased the dream of passive income, but the promise of profitability seems just out of reach, overshadowed by the exhaustive demands of setting up systems and wrestling with technical issues.

Your endless creation of content seems to fade into obscurity inside your course portal.

The vision of effortlessly sharing your highly valuable expertise while enjoying the fruits of your labor has been clouded by the operational overheads, strategy hopping, and the content creation hamster wheel.

You may have even gone back to more 1:1 client work just to fill in the revenue gaps, which feels like a step backward.

If this narrative feels all too familiar, take a deep breath—you’ve found a sanctuary.

It’s time to revitalize your content–
not waste hours creating more

Convert courses and downloads collecting dust into vibrant, sellable digital products, breathing new life into your content and opening up new revenue streams bringing in $2k-$5k/month.

It’s time to turn your visitors into buyers. With our expertise, your website will work around the clock, effortlessly converting web visitors into buyers, maximizing your revenue per customer.

Your audience should be filled with warm, already invested clients. Imagine having an email list of customers who have already opened their wallets, making them more likely to invest in your higher-value offerings down the line.

Business income will be diversified. You’ll strengthen the longevity of your business by diversifying your product range, catering to a wider audience, and selling to customers worldwide.

Your brand and authority will be strengthened. Showcase your unique approach and expertise through high-value digital products, enhancing your personal brand and establishing you as an authority in your field.

[The process was] so incredible that we’ve used it as a template for our own clients. From the design of the site to the journey the web user will take, everything was designed with intention. I’ve never worked with anyone whose work I felt more confident in throughout the entire process. Taysia was able to quickly understand and put into words and visuals the key parts of our brand that allow us to stand out from the crowd. Her overall knowledge of online business and web design was clear, as she led me through the process.

The Podwize Group

The overall experience was great. We gave you our vision of what we wanted the site to look like and flow, and you brought our vision to life. The website gives the visitor a journey that our previous site did not offer. The whole process was seamless.

Right Choice Accounting

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Yes, I’m Ready For Less Live Launches

Meet Taysia, Founder of Digiality Co.

We specialize in helping digital creators grow their business revenue and audience size by building strategy-backed digital storefronts, removing our clients from the never ending content creation cycle.

We work with digital creators, authority figures in their space, looking to grow their business revenue and audience size with digital products. With over 10+ years in WordPress Development, Company Branding, and Online Paid Marketing, our founder, Taysia’s background excels in improving our client’s digital presence.

We regularly support 3-5 launch clients each month, plus our 20+ clients on regular month-to-month support and help them streamline their prospect-to-customer process, improve customer retention, and ultimately increase recurring revenue.

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Yes, I’d Like to Grow My Email List Quality

We loved working with Taysia! Loved Digiality’s professionalism, promptness to respond, eagerness to hear us out, and willingness to adapt to the changes/edits that came up along the process. Would 100% recommend! Our website is beautiful, easy to navigate, and clients seem really satisfied with the updated version 🙂

Cira Center

I’m terrible at communicating what I want in a design (or even knowing what I want.). Taysia made it easy by asking the right questions, understanding my company & really listening.

Suzanna Kaye Organizing

Coaches, is this you?

✔️ You’re an expert in your field, ready to scale your digital product offerings.

✔️ Have confidence in your brand’s visual identity.

✔️ Aim to grow your email list with paying customers.

✔️ Possess digital courses, memberships, or digital tangibles/resources.

This is not for you if…

✘ You’re looking for a quick fix.

✘ You aren’t ready to invest in a strategic foundation for your digital offerings.

✘ You’ve never sold a digital product before.

✘ You are unclear on your offers or audience.

✘ You are looking for someone to create digital products for you.

Do you want 2024 to be the year that…

Your digital storefront allowed for consistent purchases and reliable revenue each month easily scaled by your marketing efforts.

Your email list grows month over month with customers who have already bought from you (no freebie hoarders), ready to convert at your next high-ticket offering.

You had a focused content creation plan each quarter to fill your digital storefront and keep your sales consistent.

Your turning your web visitors into buyers, even while you sleep.

All without having to create yet another course or membership.


By having us turn your existing course content into a digital storefront that increases your monthly revenue passively.

My overall experience was very comfortable, well organized, and kept to the timeline we set. Taysia was quick to help spark creativity and help out where I didn’t understand. I would highly recommend using Taysia for your website needs!

Shannon Spears Wellness

I would recommend (and regularly DO recommend) Taysia dn her team to anyone needing a professional and polished website. They take your needs and audience into consideration to craft custom, tailored to YOU deisgns with a positive attitude and a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable while creating a new website.

Blue Fern Creative

Talk soon – can’t wait to chat!

Imagine your future of launching a dreamy user-experience digital storefront to wake up to daily sales where you don’t have to create any more content OR chase more 1:1 boundary-pushing clients.

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Yes, I’d Like to Maximize my revenue


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