Who we are and what we stand for

Who is Digiality Co.?

Digiality Co. is an online creative web studio that delivers beautifully functional brands + website experiences for online mentors, community creators and visionaries, so they can feel empowered to confidently show up, grow and make an impact.

We believe there is a spirit in all things design and business, and that when you take a holistic approach to web design the end product is powerful and successful.

Authenticity | Simplicity | Intuitive | Supportive | Professional

Capturing the Spirit of Digital Design

We’re comprised of a team of remote experts in WordPress development, graphic design, search engine optimization, online marketing, project management, and high-touch customer service.

About Our Founder

Taysia Peterson

CEO, Lead Designer, Brand Strategist

Taysia is the founder and lead designer of Digiality Co., a creative web studio focusing on delivering marketing-driven branding and WordPress web design for online entrepreneurs and businesses.

She has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with over 10 years of experience in web design, branding, marketing, and teaching others.

As an advocate for applying a human-first methodology to every aspect of life; she’s a big fan of human-first, business-second conversations and creating a work process that supports this – both internally and for clients.

Taysia is a mom to a border collie rescue (our office mascot), on her way to becoming a certified yogi, and always looking for new music!

Our Amazing Partners & Experts

Jessi Donnelly

Founder of Windingears Web Design, Web Developer & Virtual Assistant

Jessi is self-taught and a continually learning, website developer, virtual assistant, and artist, with a background and university experience in Graphic Design & Fine Art. Her work experience has led to and now incorporates many paths taken, including working with non-profits, social media management, newsletter creation, business branding, web design, and marketing.

Jessi’s design and work approach is rooted in collaboration, creativity, trust, and intuitive flow. Her overall goal is to assist those who are making a greater positive impact on the world––so that they may show up at a higher level of self & creation.