4 Steps to Build a Customer Transformation Story that Converts

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You can spend a fortune on Facebook ad campaigns and write the catchiest copy on the internet, but you won’t get consistent conversions if you can’t make people care. There’s a reason that adage, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel, ” is brought up in every marketing seminar and at least 35% of TED Talks.

Transformation stories work because they shoot for the heart. They trigger emotions in the reader and give them hope that they could have a similar transformation. Hope is a powerful feeling. And people remember how you made them feel. So, if you’re ready to learn how to craft radically authentic customer transformation stories, keep reading.

How to Write a Client Transformation Story that Converts

#1 Identify Your Client’s Negative Emotions + Your Client’s Disadvantages

First, determine what emotions your client experienced that caused them to seek your service. Were they feeling despair? Anxiety? Frustration? Incorporate those emotions into your story because your prospective clients will be dealing with the same ones.

You’ll also want to include any disadvantages your client had that made their success more difficult. Factors such as time, finances, health issues, and work are some common areas. Sharing the speed bumps your client encountered shows the prospect that the successful client is just like them. They also keep your prospective client from thinking, “they probably have tons of free time to work out” or “they don’t have kids and a career like I do,” and talking themselves out of your service.

#2 Identify the Emotions Your Client Is Seeking + Your Client’s Advantages

When your client came to you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, how did they want to feel? Maybe they wanted to feel strong or were trying to learn how to self-soothe without using unhealthy coping mechanisms. Either way, you need to establish the emotional journey they began by starting your program.

Your client likely had something going for them that made their journey smoother. Whether it was a supportive spouse or a rescue dog that motivated them to get off the couch and go for a walk, mention it. Remember, we’re making a personal connection. That means the client in your transformation story must be relatable and real.

#3 Show Them Everything

Before and after pictures don’t work because they race past some of the most essential components of your service. Show prospects what their journey will be like when they choose you. From the first call to the final coaching session, prospects want to see what they’ll be experiencing.

Give them a big-picture view of what your service provides, and then break it into bite-sized pieces. Don’t forget to detail what stays the same from client to client and what aspects are customized. Emphasize what clients get from you every step of the way, and you’ll be far more memorable than brands that only detail the before and after.

#4 A Whole New World

This is where you give them the old razzle-dazzle. Wow your prospects with vivid descriptions of how your client’s life has been transformed thanks to your service. It’s your time to shine, and don’t forget to emphasize how this transformation makes your client feel.

Finally, when writing transformation stories, you want prospects to be inspired by your clients, but you don’t want to give away identifying information. Using a fake name protects your client’s privacy and allows you to combine parts of multiple clients’ journeys into one story.

Which World Do You Live in?

Meet Chloe; she’s been struggling with stress-eating. You happen to specialize in holistic stress management techniques. To display your aptitude for helping people like Chloe, you have pages of information on your website about how your tools are proven to be some of the most effective strategies for managing stress.

Unfortunately, Chloe isn’t feeling it. As far as she knows, your clients could be outliers or aren’t as stressed as her. Also, why believe the numbers you claim are real? So she clicks away and misses out on the opportunity to change her life.

Let’s visit another world, one where your website has a client transformation story waiting for Chloe. Instead of feeling instantly skeptical, she’s interested. She reads that your client felt just like her initially, sees the steps you took to help them, and is blown away by your client’s transformation. Chloe wants to experience the same success, so she clicks that beautiful “schedule a consultation” button.

Do you want to live in a world with higher conversion rates? Then it’s time to write your client transformation story.

What About the Facts?

If you’re thinking, “Yeah, warm-fuzzies are great, but wouldn’t data be more effective in converting leads?” it’s completely understandable. But when people look at data, there’s no human connection. Plus, let’s be honest, if statistics were enough to make people take action, you wouldn’t be reading this article; you’d be fixing your door because prospects kicked it down.

Sometimes it can feel impossible to write a client transformation story because you’re too close to see the big picture. Digiality Co. is here to help, offering Brand + Website Remedy sessions. If you’re ready to craft a transformation story that warms hearts and creates conversions, schedule your session today!

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